PC Polycarbonate FR V0 Raw Material Manufacturers PC Resin

PC Polycarbonate FR V0 Raw Material Manufacturers PC Resin

Color: as required
Certifications: ISO, SGS, ROHS, CO, CTI,FTA
Sample: 5kg free PC FR V0
Factory supply
MOQ: 1 ton

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We can provide free sample of pa66 gf25 plastic material price.png

PC FR V0 Description




while for  with complex shapes, thin walls and high requirements,   is controlled at 100 to 120 ° C, and  heat distortion  is not allowed to exceed.  control of  mold  is particularly important when forming PC FR V0 thick-walled . For example, when forming a simple beam impact test strip (thickness of 10 mm), if  mold does not control  ,  formed spline has many internal shrinkage holes and is large. At this time, if  mold is not provided with a heating device,  main flow path of  mold can be heated by a simple method.  simple method is to attach a cotton ball to a wire, pour industrial alcohol, and heat  main channel. Thus, although  shrinkage cavity cannot be eliminated,  number of shrinkage holes is greatly reduced.  degree is greatly reduced. of course. This is a way of no way, it is a soil method and it is not recommended. Because of this, it is easy to deform and oxidize  main flow path of  mold. Although  injection pressure has little effect on melt strength and fluidity during injection molding,  injection pressure cannot be too low due to  high viscosity and poor fluidity of PC FR V0. Generally, it is controlled at 80-120 MPa, using a plunger type injection molding machine. When  injection pressure should be 100-150 MPa, for  thin-wall long-distance, complex shape, and small gate size,  injection pressure should be appropriately increased to 120-150 MPa in order to smooth and timely mold  melt.  general principle of PC FR V0 injection molding process control is: high material , low pressure.  pressure holding pressure and  length of  holding pressure directly affect  quality of  . If  holding pressure is too small,  feeding effect is small,  inside of   will form bubbles due to shrinkage, and  surface of   will also have dents

PC FR V0 properties

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   A: 1. More than 10 years experience
        2. Strong R&D team to make new  according to your requirements.
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        5. Save material cost, less trial time, less waste, save manpower.

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