Modified Engineering PC GF30 Plastic Raw Material Manufacturers/factory

Modified Engineering PC GF30 Plastic Raw Material Manufacturers/factory

Color: as required
Certifications: ISO, SGS, ROHS, CO, CTI,FTA
Sample: 5kg free PC GF30
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MOQ: 1 ton

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PC gf30 plastic raw material

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PC gf30 plastic raw material


4 PC GF30 has good creep resistance and good dimensional stability; however, internal stress is not easy to eliminate. PC GF30 is easily degraded when exposed to water at high temperatures, and  moisture content is required to be below 0.02% during molding. 6 products are easy to crack.  PC GF30 resin must be sufficiently dried before molding.  drying method can be carried out by bubbling bed drying (temperature 120-130 ° C, time 1-2 h), vacuum drying (temperature 110 ° C, vacuum degree 96 kPa or more, time 10-25 h), hot air circulation drying (temperature 120-130 ° C, time 6 h)  above). In order to prevent  resin after drying from absorbing moisture, it should be placed in an incubator at 90 °C, and it should not be stored for a long time. When molding,  hopper must be sealed.  hopper should be equipped with a heating device.  temperature should not be lower than 100 °C. For  hopper without insulation device,  amount of one feeding should be less than half an hour, and  cover should be covered. A quick test to judge  drying effect is to use "air injection" on  injection molding machine. If  material that slowly flows out of  nozzle is a thin strip of uniform transparency, bright silver-free filaments and bubbles, it is acceptable. This method is applicable to general plastics.  melt viscosity of PC GF30 is much larger than that of PA, PS, PE, etc., and  fluidity is poor.  flow characteristics of  melt are close to that of Newtonian fluid.  melt viscosity is less affected by  shear rate and is sensitive to temperature changes. refore,  apparent viscosity of it can be effectively controlled by adjusting  processing temperature during molding.  selection of  molding temperature is related to  relative average molecular mass of  resin and its distribution,  shape and size of  product,  type of  injection molding machine, and  like, and is generally controlled within  range of 250 to 310 °C. For injection molding materials, it is preferred to use a resin with a relatively low average molecular weight, MFR of 5 to 7 g/10 min

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 PC GF30

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