Manufaturer PC Polycarbonate Regrind FR GF10 Glass Fiber Filled High-strength

Manufaturer PC Polycarbonate Regrind FR GF10 Glass Fiber Filled High-strength

Color: as required
Certifications: ISO, SGS, ROHS, CO, CTI,FTA
Sample: 5kg free PC FR GF10
Factory supply
MOQ: 1 ton

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flame retardant PC


PC FR GF10 for complex or thin-walled products.  molding temp should be too high, 285 ~ 305 ℃; and thick-walled products,  molding temp is slightly lower, 250 ~ 280 ℃. Different injection molding machines have different molding temps.  screw type is 260 to 285 ℃, and  plunger type is 270 to 310 ℃.  temp of  barrel is set to be high and low.  temp of  barrel near one end of  hopper should be controlled above  softening temp of  PC FR GF10, that is, greater than 230 °C to reduce material resistance and injection pressure loss. Although it is advantageous to increase  molding temp,  melt is filled. However, it should not exceed 230 °C. Orwise,  PC FR GF10 will degrade, making  color of  product deeper, and defects such as silver wire, dark stripes, black spots and bubbles appear on  surface, and  physical and mechanical properties will also be significantly reduced.  nozzle temp is 260-310 ℃, and  temp control of  nozzles of  two types of injection molding machines is different.  mold temp has a great influence on  mechanical properties of  product. As  mold temp increases.  temp difference between  material temp and  mold temp becomes smaller,  shear stress decreases,  melt can be slowly cooled in  cavity,  molecular chain is relaxed,  degree of orientation is reduced, reby reducing  internal stress of  product, but  impact strength of  PC FR GF10,  elongation is significantly reduced, and at  same time,  release of  PC FR GF10 product is difficult. It is easy to deform when demolding, and prolongs  molding cycle and reduces  production efficiency.  lower  mold temp,  internal stress of  product increases. refore,  mold temp must be controlled. Usually,  mold temp of  PC is 80 to 120 °C. Ordinary products are controlled at 80 to 100

PC FR GF10 show

 pc gf pellet

PC FR GF10 properties

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