All Color PC GF20 With Good Conductives Properties Polycarbonate Filled

All Color PC GF20 With Good Conductives Properties Polycarbonate Filled

Color: as required
Certifications: ISO, SGS, ROHS, CO, CTI,FTA
Sample: 5kg free PC GF20
Factory supply
MOQ: 1 ton

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all color pc gf20


PC GF20 method of reducing  internal stress, in addition to avoiding  notch,  sharp angle,  thickness and  disparity in  design of  product, and adopting  correct molding process parameters, etc., it is preferable to heat-treat  product, and  heat treatment  is controlled at 125 to 135 ° C (resin Tg or less) 10~20°C),  treatment time is about 2h, and  thicker  product,  longer  treatment time. Generally,  product has a wall thickness of less than 5 mm, and  time is 8 hours;  product is larger than 20 mm, and  time is 24 hours.  internal stress of  article can be determined by a polarization test and a solvent dipping method.  polarized light test method is applicable to various transparent products. It uses  transparency of PC GF20 to place  product between polarized lenses, observes  colored light strip area on  surface of  product from  mirror, and determines  inside of  product by  size of  colored strip area.  magnitude of  stress, if  observed area of  ribbon is large, indicating that  internal stress of  product is large;  solvent impregnation method is a commonly used detection method in  factory, which is to immerse PC GF20 product in certain solvents (such as benzene and tetrachloride). Among  carbonized carbon, cyclohexane, ethanol, methanol, etc.,  stress is determined by  time required for  product to be cracked, and  longer  time,  smaller  stress. If it is immersed for 5 to 15 s, it will crack, indicating that  internal stress is very large. If  immersion does not occur for 1 to 2 minutes,  internal stress is small, and  product generally does not crack during use. Injection molding process Drying treatment: PC GF20 materials are hygroscopic, and drying before processing is important. Dry conditions are recommended from 100C to 200C for 3 to 4 hours.

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