PBT PC Blend Raw Material Factory Price

PBT PC Blend Raw Material Factory Price

pbt pc blend raw material factory price

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PBT PC Blend

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PBT PC Blend Description

A polycarbonate (PC) and poly (butylene terephthalate) (PBT) blend is extensively used for moulded automobile parts. PC is tough and stable to 300 °C and PBT has relatively good solvent resistance. An alloy formed with those two polymers produces a material with good chemical resistance as well as good heat and impact resistance. In this work, a PC/PBT blend, with and without pigment, was aged by natural and accelerated methods. Tensile and impact properties and melt flow index were evaluated before and after aging, and also after recycling. The rupture elongation of the recycled material was very good, showing the recycling potential of this material. Tensile modulus and tensile strength were not affected by the processes to which the blend was submitted. The impact strength of the recycled material showed a decrease after ageing.

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