Pbt Gf 10 Connector Material Replacement Of Dupont

Pbt Gf 10 Connector Material Replacement Of Dupont

Color: as required
Certifications: ISO, SGS, ROHS, CO, CTI,FTA
Sample: 5kg free pbt gf 10
Factory supply
MOQ: 1 ton

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pbt gf 10

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It shows that the introduction of glass fibres reduces damping to a greater extent than would be expected theoretically. Incorporation of glass fibres increases the storage modulus, when compared to the unreinforced system, at all temperatures studied. The presence of short glass fibres increased the melt viscosity and decreased the extrudate swell, with the effect being more pronounced at higher temperatures. Rheological data have been analysed on the basis of fibre length (or aspect ratio) and/or distribution of the fibre lengths by using the rheological model proposed by Maron and Pierce.

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PBT V0 GF30 properties

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