PA12 Resin Price Transparent Anti-wear Resistance

PA12 Resin Price Transparent Anti-wear Resistance

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Certifications: ISO, SGS, ROHS, CO, CTI,FTA Sample: 5kg free PA12 resin price Factory supply MOQ: 1 ton

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PA12 resin price

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PA12 resin price Description

In order to make  feeding section unblocked, it can be cooled separately in  feeding section, but  screw circulation cooling method must not be used. Orwise,  PA12 resin price material will condense rapidly due to  large temperature difference between  upper and lower layers, and  screw will be locked. 1.4 Design of Extrusion Dies Ordinary φ120 and φ150 extruders can generally adopt adjustable eccentric heads; PA12 resin price is usually extruded outside  cable core (or insulated core) as a cable sheath (or internal protection). Set), and  thickness of  extrusion is very thin, generally not more than 0.5mm, so  design and configuration requirements of  mold are high. Generally,  jacket (or inner sheath) extrusion die adopts a squeeze tube type, in particular,  extrusion property of PA12 resin price has a large draw ratio, and  mechanical physical properties can be furr improved by  orientation stretch, and refore,  extruded tube mold is used, and  stretching ratio is not too small, and is usually 2.0 to 3.0.  draw ratio should not be too large. When  mold is too large,  eccentricity of  mold is difficult to adjust, and  surface of  sheath after extrusion is rough and even breaks. In addition,  PA12 resin price melt has better fluidity and poor formability, so  bearing section of  mold sleeve can be slightly longer, but  vacuum should be taken care of when starting  machine. 1.5 Introduction of  example  multi-core or single-core cable with a cross-sectional area of 240-500 mm2 is taken as an example to discuss  selection of  die size and extrusion temperature of  extruded PA12 resin price jacket. 1.5.1 Selection of mold size (1) Inner diameter of core is single core cable insulated core outer diameter +2.0mm;

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 PA12 resin properties

PA12 resin price properties

PA12 resin properties

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