Pa12 Raw Material EMS TR90 Similar Resin

Pa12 Raw Material EMS TR90 Similar Resin

Color: as required
Certifications: ISO, SGS, ROHS, CO, CTI,FTA Sample: 5kg pa12 raw material Factory supply MOQ: 1 ton

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pa12 raw material

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pa12 raw material Description

multicore cable core outer diameter +3.0mm; (2) core thickness is 1.2mm; (3)  length of  core segment is 35mm; (4)  inner diameter of  die is  outer diameter of  core +1.5mm; (5)  length of  die bearing segment is 30mm. 1.5.2 Selection of Extrusion Temperature Table 2 and Table 3 respectively list  extrusion temperatures of φ120 and φ150 extruders (for reference only). When  pa12 raw material is extruded,  screw should be used at a low speed. In particular,  screw speed of  �150 extruder should be lower, orwise  extrusion will be unstable, and  jacket will produce "bamboo" or breakage in severe cases. 2 Matters needing attention when extruding pa12 raw material sheath 2.1 Coloring of nylon 12 Since  pa12 raw material we use is a colorless natural color material, to make it into a black sheath material, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of carbon black or black color masterbatch. grain. When an appropriate amount of carbon black is added, wher  dispersion of carbon black is uniform will directly affect  surface quality of  extruded sheath. According to experience,  use of black masterbatch or  addition of appropriate amount of carbon black on  φ120 extruder can achieve better appearance quality, but on  φ150 extruder, due to  difference between  screw and  barrel, carbon black dispersion often occurs. Unevenness causes quality defects such as granules, pitting and even holes on  surface of  pa12 raw material sheath. refore, it is best to use  pigmented black pa12 raw material raw material supplied by  manufacturer. Since  it's sheath is mainly used for special purposes such as moisture proof and termite prevention,  appearance quality must be guaranteed. 2.2  pressure of  extrusion equipment should not be too large.

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 PA12 resin properties

pa12 raw material properties

PA12 resin properties

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