Pa12 Granule High Impact For Shoes Heels

Pa12 Granule High Impact For Shoes Heels

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Certifications: ISO, SGS, ROHS, CO, CTI,FTA Sample: 5kg free pa12 granule Factory supply MOQ: 1 ton

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pa12 granule

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pa12 granule Description

refore, PA12 must be dried before extrusion.  drying conditions are as follows: a well-ventilated drying oven (or drying oven) with a temperature of 80±5°C (more than 110°C will cause oxidative discoloration of pa12 granule). 2 ~ 5h. 1.2  basic parameters of  extruder are due to  inherent characteristics of pa12 granule, which do not have  obvious "three-state" characteristics of general plastics - glassy, highly elastic and viscous, ie only  obvious glassy and viscous flow, and When  temperature exceeds  required value of  extrusion process,  melt is liquid and cannot be extruded, that is,  range of practical extrusion temperatures is narrow. Secondly, even if a common type of extruder is used, re are certain requirements for  size of  extruder screw and its spacing from  barrel. For example, for  common type φ120, φ150 extruders,  following basic parameters should be available: screw feeding  area should be slightly longer,  length-to-diameter ratio of  screw is (20-25):1,  screw groove of  extrusion part is shallow,  compression ratio is about 3.5:1, and  gap distance between  screw and  barrel is not more than 0.15 mm. 1.3 Effect of Extrusion Temperature and Selection  extrusion temperature range of pa12 granule is sufficiently rich compared to or nylon materials, but narrower than or plastics such as polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride. Although it has only a distinct glassy and viscous flow state,  gradual softening of  plastic occurs at specific temperature conditions, which is  key to extrusion. It has a distinct melting point and requires a higher extrusion temperature, typically 220 to 250 °C. When  temperature of  compression section is set too high, it will not only cause bad defects such as scorch, but also cause  pa12 granule to be liquid and cannot be extruded. When  extrusion temperature is too low,  pa12 granule material will condense sharply, and  mold will be blocked, and  mold will be hung. Dead or damaged screw.

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 PA12 resin properties

pa12 granule properties

PA12 resin properties

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