Pa12 Gf30 Plastic Material LV-3A H EMS Simoilar Material

Pa12 Gf30 Plastic Material LV-3A H EMS Simoilar Material

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Certifications: ISO, SGS, ROHS, CO, CTI,FTA Sample: 5kg free pa12 gf30 plastic material Factory supply MOQ: 1 ton

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pa12 gf30 plastic material

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(4) After  flange is opened,  screw end   drops sharply, where  nylon will condense quickly, and if  operation is not done properly,  screw will be locked and  cleaning is extremely difficult. refore, after  flange is opened,  screw should be rotated at a lower speed.  purpose is to ensure that  pa12 gf30 plastic material material in  barrel is in motion. A small amount of pa12 gf30 plastic material material is extruded at  end of  screw and gradually condensed. At this time, it is only necessary to remove it with a tool until  machine head, mold and filter plate are cleaned up. (5) After  filter plate is cleaned, after it is installed in  machine head,  flange is not used first, and  flame is heated by  flame.   is as close as possible to   of  barrel, and n  flange is closed. 2.4 Failure and shutdown treatment If  equipment needs to be shut down for a long time due to unpredictable factors, n   of each zone can be lowered to about 200 °C to stand by or simply turn off   system, n turn on  machine and raise   to melt  nylon inside  barrel. After extrusion, you can.  specific discharge  reference value is shown in Table 4. Usually,  cold machine needs about 2.5h, and  heat engine only needs 0.5~1h. 2.5 Recycling of pa12 gf30 plastic material material After extrusion,  molecular structure of pa12 gf30 plastic material is basically unchanged, and it can be recovered completely like PE and PVC materials. However,  mechanical strength of pa12 gf30 plastic material material is very large, and cutting granulation has certain difficulties.

Pelletizing equipment. 3 Conclusion This article discusses in detail  power cable jacket (or inner jacket) extrusion process. According to relevant literature reports, pa12 gf30 plastic material is extruded as a cable sheath (for cable sheathing) because of its high mechanical strength, high hardness.

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 pa12 gf30 plastic material

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PA12 GF30

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