Pa 12 Polyamide Cosmetic Grade Uv Resistant

Pa 12 Polyamide Cosmetic Grade Uv Resistant

Color: as required
Certifications: ISO, SGS, ROHS, CO, CTI,FTA Sample: 5kg pa 12 polyamide Factory supply MOQ: 1 ton

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pa 12 polyamide

We can provide free sample of pa66 gf25 plastic material price.png

pa 12 polyamide Description

refore, it is better to use a cold feed extruder with a relatively long diameter. Conducive to  uniform mixing of plastic materials.  fuselage has four heating zones,  heating process is moderated,  material temperature rises evenly, which is conducive to  stability of continuous extrusion.  machine head has two heating zones, which are controlled by  rmocouple to uniformly heat up.  temperature of each part of  extruder and  screw speed have a great influence on  quality stability of  pa 12 polyamide pipe. Table 1 shows  effect of different temperatures in  various zones of  extruder on  processability of  extruded pa 12 polyamidepipe. It can be seen from Table 1 that  temperatures of  3# and 4# tests are lower and  extrusion processability is poor.  reason is that after  temperature reaches  melting point of pa 12 polyamide,  shearing effect is poor, resulting in poor fluidity, resulting in  surface quality of  pipe. Not good; and 1# test temperature is too high, resulting in a reduction in system pressure per unit time, increased extrusion volume, tube size is not easy to set; only 2# test temperature is suitable, pipe size is stable, appearance is good.  main factors affecting  extruder extrusion amount are screw rotation speed, feed speed and temperature of each zone of  extruder.  temperature control device can be used to control  temperature of  fuselage and  machine head according to  process requirements. Table 2 shows  effect of different screw speeds of  extruder on  processability of  extruded pa 12 polyamide pipe. It can be seen from Table 2 that when  screw speed is 140-180 r/min,  traction is difficult,  pipe size is unstable or  stability is poor, and  printing is not clear.  process is best when  screw speed is 120r/min. For  synsis of Table 1 and Table 2,  process conditions of  optimized extruded pa 12 polyamide pipe are shown in Table 3. In order to ensure  stability of  outer diameter of  pipe and prevent  unevenness of  local pile and  pipe diameter,  tractor and  drying device are arranged.

pa 12 polyamide show

 PA12 resin properties

pa 12 polyamide properties

PA12 resin properties

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