Make Custom Plastic Parts Free Sample Electronics

Make Custom Plastic Parts Free Sample Electronics

Place of Origin:Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: JULIER®
Application: make custom plastic parts
Product Material: PA6/PA66 GF30

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make custom plastic parts

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b. geometric tolerance of template exceeds standard. Regular inspection is carried out. If tolerance is found to exceed standard, it should be corrected immediately. s in clamping structure should be tightened make custom plastic parts. If it is loosened immediately, clamping structure will be affected. Maintenance of clamping part: 1. Check central lubrication system and its distributor and lubricating throat for normal working conditions every day. Keep moving template slides clean and lubricated. Avoid using near or over system clamping. position of opening and clamping operation is controlled at most appropriate position, so that opening action is smooth and impact is reduced. 5. Avoid using oversized and heavy s 3. Causes of failure of shooting platform structure and prevention of wear of rubberized ring: rubberized ring (also known as stop valve) prevents from flowing back into melted rubber cylinder when glue is injected. amount of shot is unstable make custom plastic parts. Insufficient amount of shot rubber caused by wear of rubberized apron is a difficult problem found in structure of shooting platform. main reason is that and rubber ring are related: used for rubber ring is generally alloy steel and has been nitrided, and hardness is about HRc56-59. Under normal use, average working life is about three years. However, if used in s containing glass brazing or mineral reinforcing agents, wear rate is increased and working life is shortened. In addition, melt also has above phenomenon; in past, melt wear is not easy to find, unless is removed for inspection, refore, when problem is found in rubber ring make custom plastic parts, it should be checked wher rubber is also present. problem. Under normal circumstances, life of melt cylinder is twice that of. Fault prevention: When using s containing glass brazing, mineral reinforcing agents or corrosive substances, consider use of melt-resistant s and ir matching parts with corrosion resistance and wear resistance to avoid impact of severe wear on parts. effect is to increase waste make custom plastic parts. Judging wher suppository ring (stop ring) is worn or not, melt can be stopped in middle, iron plate is blocked by nozzle to shoot glue, and position is observed.

If stops, rubber ring is normal, and if it continues to advance, it proves that rubber ring has lost its effectiveness. In judgment of this method, do not use s that are easily decomposed such as POM, so as to avoid accidents, such as using PE, make custom plastic parts, PP and or raw s. Partial maintenance of shooting station Keep surface of table and guide rail clean. In addition to s, pigments and additives, do not put anything else into hopper. A magnetic frame should be added to hopper to prevent metal from entering melt barrel. 3. Before of melt cylinder is not reached, it is strictly forbidden to spray glue and melt glue/pumping. Periodic inspection will tighten loose parts and add lubricant regularly. Regularly drain grease from drive shaft part bearing assembly and replace it with new grease. 5. When of melt cylinder is normal and black spots or discoloration are found, check barrel assembly. And which kind of should be used to suit. 6. When using special s, consult supplier for corrosiveness make custom plastic parts.

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