Injection Molding Polypropylene For Electronics

Injection Molding Polypropylene For Electronics

Place of Origin:Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: JULIER®
Application: injection molding polypropylene
Product Material: PA6/PA66 GF30

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injection molding polypropylene

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injection molding polypropylene working principle, technical parameters and role of main parts of Section 1 Overview of is to rmo or rmosetting in heating barrel first, and n push it by screw or plunger to of closed . A method of forming in a cavity. is carried out on s and is an important method for s. Almost all rmos and various rmosetting s can be formed by this method. (I) Characteristics of can s with complex shapes, precise dimensions or metal inserts and long holes. cycle is short. surface roughness of is low and amount of post-ing is small. ivity and easy automation. It has strong adaptability to various s and can produce certain s modified with fillers. (2) injection molding polypropylene is of heating, shearing, compressing, mixing and conveying rmos or rmosetting s in a heating barrel to uniformly ize ( uniform melting state of components), izing good molten accumulates at front end of barrel under blocking action of nozzle, and n enters closed low- cavity through pouring system of nozzle and by thrust applied by screw or plunger, and fills melt of cavity. Under action of , it is formed by cooling and solidification, and is opened to take out , that is, a cycle is completed, and of above cycle is repeated continuously. Now, screw is taken as an example to illustrate: 1. Closed cycle of locking and is generally calculated from is closed. closing action is completed by clamping mechanism. clamping mechanism pushes movable template and moving part of to close quickly at low (shortening cycle). When is closed, power system of clamping mechanism is automatically switched to low injection molding polypropylene . (Testing ) Slow speed, protect from damage. When it is confirmed that re is no foreign matter in or insert is not loose, switch to and low speed to lock to ensure , and is tightly closed when is maintained. 2, seat is moved forward and is locked, seat is moved forward, nozzle is closely attached to main runner port of injection molding polypropylene, and n cylinder is subjected to , and melt at front end of barrel is injected into cavity of at and speed. gas in cavity is removed from parting surface of , and at which screw head acts on melt is called . 3. Holding When melt fills cavity of , in order to prevent melt backflow and cooling effect of low , melt in cavity is volume-contracted to ensure compactness, dimensional accuracy and mechanics of . Mechanical properties, screw also needs to maintain a certain on melt in cavity to fill melt until melt at gate freezes. At this , of screw on melt is called holding . When is maintained, screw has a small amount of advancement due to addition of melt in . 4, cooling and pre-ization 5, seat retreat 6, open and ejector s after sufficient cooling and shaping, open , under action of extrusion device of and push mechanism of and automatically fall is ready for next injection molding polypropylene.

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Welcome to wholesale the high quality injection molding polypropylene for electronics made in China from our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are equipped with advanced equipment and technology. Please be free to get the customized products from us.
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