5G Era, Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) Customize Dielectric Properties

- Dec 19, 2018 -


Liquid crystal polymers (LCP) are aromatic thermoplastic polyesters. There are two types of LCP: one is a lyotropic liquid crystal, which has liquid crystal properties when dissolved in a solvent. The other is a thermotropic liquid crystal which has liquid crystal properties when melted. Currently, thermotropic liquid crystal polymers are mainly used in the electronics industry because liquid crystal polymers (LCP) have excellent properties for small electronic devices and are mainly suitable for mass production of injection molding. Among the commercial engineering plastics, LCP has high fluidity, can fill small and thin-walled products, high thermal stability in lead-free reflow process and excellent environmental flame retardancy, extremely low water absorption, and short The molding cycle, low shrinkage rate and other characteristics.

As electronic devices move toward thinner, more complex directions, the demand for LCPs has increased dramatically. In addition, due to the rapid development of the electronics industry, many new requirements have been placed on the LCP. One of the requirements is dielectric properties. LCP is known for its inherent low dielectric constant (Table 1). Nowadays, communication speed is getting faster and faster, and 5G communication is going global. Since this new technology is in the high frequency range (1 to 20 GHz), low dielectric constant and dielectric loss are required for the material of the device. Although LCP has a lower dielectric constant, most grades of LCP do not yet meet the industrial requirements for low dielectric constant specifications.

Table 1: Dielectric constant of traditional glass fiber reinforced engineering plastics

Dielectric Constant
Glass fiber filled LCP
Glass fiber filled PA12
30% Glass fiber filled PA46
30% Glass fiber filled PA66
33% Glass fiber filled PPA
40% Glass fiber filled PPS
25% Glass fiber filled PTFE

Dielectric constant specification

At present, 5G communication is getting closer and closer to us in real life, and it is the hottest topic in the network industry. Since 5G communication operates in a very high frequency region, it is generally required to use a low dielectric constant material at a high frequency of 1 GHz to 20 GHz while having good workability to manufacture a part having a complicated design. Most traditional LCP grades range from 3.7 to 4.5 for DK. And we need to develop several new levels to cover the required range of dielectric constants, which can cover a dielectric constant of 2.5 to 8.0 at 10 GHz.

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