Nylon Custom Molding

Nylon Custom Molding

Color: as required
Certifications: ISO, SGS, ROHS, CO, CTI,FTA
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custom molding

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Injection molding, also known as injection moulding, is an injection-molding method. The advantages of the nylon custom molding method are fast production speed, high efficiency, automatic operation, variety of colors, shapes from simple to complex, the size can be from large to small, and the size of the product is accurate, it is easy to be replaced, and the shape can be complicated. Parts, custom moulding is suitable for molding processing such as mass production and complex shapes.
At a certain temperature, a completely molten plastic material is stirred by a screw, and a method of obtaining a molded article is obtained by injecting a high-pressure into a cavity and cooling and solidifying. This method is suitable for mass production of complex shapes and is one of the important processing methods.

Basic Information
The process can be roughly divided into the following six stages:
Molding, injection, pressure retention, cooling, mold opening, product removal.
The above process is repeated, and the product can be periodically produced in batches.  thermosetting plastics and rubber includes the same process, but the barrel temperature is lower than that of the thermoplastic, the injection pressure is higher, the mold is heated, the material is injected in the mold to be cured or vulcanized, and then the hot film is removed. .
The current trend of processing technology is developing in the direction of high technology. These technologies include: micro injection molding, high-fill composite, water-assisted, mixed use of various special processes, foam, mold technology, and simulation technology.

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custom molding


PA66 GF33 virgin & recycled





Mould material


Mould base

LKM Mould Base

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Welcome to wholesale the high quality nylon custom molding made in China from our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are equipped with advanced equipment and technology. Please be free to get the customized products from us.
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