Plastics Molding Company Plug Mold JULIER®

Plastics Molding Company Plug Mold JULIER®

Brand Name: JULIER®
Application: plastics molding company plug mold
Product Material: PC/ABS flame retardant

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plastics molding company plug mold

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What are conditions for ABS/PC ?
(1) Forming and ing properties of ABS/PC
1) ABS/PC has a low hygroscopicity, so it is generally not necessary to carry out drying treatment before. If humidity exceeds allowable value, it should be dried.
2) ABS/PC molecular structure contains tertiary carbon atoms, so antioxidant capacity is very low, and antioxidants should be added during ization plastics molding company plug mold.
3) When ABS/PC exceeds 280 °C, rmal degradation will occur, which will degrade performance. contact plastics molding company plug mold between molten and metal wall surface will accelerate rmal degradation. refore, molten should be prevented from staying in cylinder for a long time during.
4) ABS/PC melt fluidity is good, between HDPE and LDPE, easy to form thin-walled, long-flow parts.
5) ABS/PC ha
s a large range of crystallinity and shrinkage, which is 1.0% to 3.0%, and has obvious post-shrinkage property, so it is easy to produce shrinkage cavities, dents and deformation, and has strong directionality.
6) melting point and melt heat of ABS/PC are higher than that of LDPE. During crystallization and cooling plastics molding company plug mold, more heat is released. refore, should have a better cooling system to reduce deformation of parts.

7) Due to heat shrinkage and crystallization of ABS/PC, specific volume during changes greatly. ribs, holes and thick portions of parts are prone to defects such as bubbles and dents plastics molding company plug mold.
8) When ABS/PC melt is low, orientation is obvious, especially at low and high pressure, so is controlled.
9) ABS/PC parts have large shrinkage when demoulding. y should be placed on sizing device for more than one day after demoulding to shape. For parts with higher dimensional accuracy, heat treatment can be carried out in time plastics molding company plug mold.
10) Due to large shrinkage of ABS/PC and brittleness at low , parts should have a uniform wall thickness to avoid occurrence of notches and sharp corners and prevent stress concentration.

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