Design For Plastic Injection Molding

Design For Plastic Injection Molding

Place of Origin:Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: JULIER®
Application: design for plastic injection molding
Product Material: ABS/PBT

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design for plastic injection molding

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3. Check for contamination and clean or replace screen in tank. 4. Add grease to adjustment. 5. Check linear scale of electronic board and re-adjust if necessary. 6. Check that parallelism of template and perpendicularity with Corinth column exceed standard. Annual inspection items: 1. Repeat previous inspection to check if needs to be replaced. 2. Check wires for signs of aging or hardening, especially those that are often in contact with lubricating or pressurized. 3. Check melt rubber and rubber ring for wear design for plastic injection molding. 4. Check rotation of hydraulic motor bearing, re is no noise or damage. Second, cause of failure of and prevention of failure of clamping structure and prevention of hinge break a, clamping force is too large, maximum of system is 140bar, maximum stress of hinge is also calculated based on 140 bar. Under normal operating conditions, hinge will have a life span of several years. If system is raised beyond 140 bar design for plastic injection molding, stress on hinge will exceed safe range and cause damage to hinge. B. Poor operation When is working normally, needs sufficient clamping force to withstand strong generated by glue. It does not cause product to produce flash or defects. If clamping force is not adjusted properly or is improperly installed, product will be flashed. This situation will not only affect quality of product, but also cause damage to hinge. reason is that appearance of flash edge increases stretching length of Corinthian column design for plastic injection molding. At same time, stress on hinge increases accordingly. Long-term burrs cause damage to hinges. C. Insufficient lubrication hinges need to be replenished every day to reduce friction between hinge and hinge and maintain hinges working normally. If lubricant is not replenished in time, hinge will be easily burned and broken due to increased friction. In addition design for plastic injection molding, if lubricating is replenished regularly, it may not be effective. reason may be that hinge is displaced, so that lubricating hole is blocked; or hinged pit is dirty, so that lubricating cannot be properly replenished and lost. Lubrication. Eventually damage hinges. It is also necessary to properly select right lubricant, because too thin is easy to lose, but too thick is not enough. D. Poor design If ed workpiece is distributed unevenly in, it may cause flashing of product and increase extension of Corinthian column, causing damage to hinge design for plastic injection molding.

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Welcome to wholesale the high quality design for plastic injection molding made in China from our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are equipped with advanced equipment and technology. Please be free to get the customized products from us.
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