Custom Plastic Components For Household Products Covers

Custom Plastic Components For Household Products Covers

Place of Origin:Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: JULIER®
Application: custom plastic components
Product Material: PA6/PA66 GF30

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custom plastic components

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QL = π / 4 D2 S does not reach oretical value during working , because density of changes with change of and ,custom plastic components refore, capacity needs to be properly corrected, and modified capacity is Q=αQL=π/4 D2 Sα, α—— coefficient is generally 0.7∽0.9. s are ed on . quality of general and total amount of casting system do not exceed volume of . 25% ∽ 70% is good, (2), - force of screw or plunger end face acting on unit area of  melt, size of and structure of , flow resistance, shape, properties izing method, izing , structure, and accuracy requirements of s, etc. In actual , can be adjusted within allowable range of . should be selected according to actual situation. selection range is as follows. A has good fluidity, simple shape and large arm thickness. Generally, is less than 340∽540Kgf/cm2. Suitable for ing LDPE, PA and or s. B has low melt viscosity, and precision is general. custom plastic components is 680∽980Kgf/cm2. Suitable for ing s such as PS and HDPE. C melt viscosity is medium or , accuracy is required, shape is complex, is 980∽1370Kgf/cm2. Suitable for ing of PP, PC and or s. D has melt viscosity, custom plastic components is thin wall, long , precision and complex shape, and is 1370∽1670Kgf/cm2. Suitable for ing nylon, polysulfone, polyphenylene er and or s. E When ing -quality precision micro-s, can reach 2260∽2450Kgf/cm2 or more. In order to meet ing requirements of precision s or complex structural shapes and engineering structural parts, has enhanced ing adaptability, shortened cycle custom plastic components, improved quality, and increased . (3) ( speed,) - melt begins to cool after passing through nozzle. In order to inject melt into cavity in to obtain a dense and uniform with precision, melt must be filled in a short . In addition to having sufficient , cavity must have a certain flow rate to indicate parameters of melt filling speed. (4) izing ability—— amount of that can be ized in a unit ,custom plastic components izing capacity of general screw is related to screw speed, driving power, screw structure, performance and so on. izing device of should be able to provide a sufficient amount of ized uniform melt within specified . izing capacity should be coordinated with entire cycle of . oretical izing capacity of general is greater than actual one custom plastic components. About 20% of demand. 2 Basic parameters of clamping system (1) Clamping force - maximum clamping force applied by clamping mechanism to . Under this force, should not be topped. It reflects size of that can be ed by to a certain extent. It is an important parameter. Our company adopts maximum clamping force as specification of . Before melt is injected into cavity at a certain speed and , it is necessary to overcome resistance flowing through nozzle, runner, gate, etc., and some of will be lost, but melt also has a relatively when filling .

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Welcome to wholesale the high quality custom plastic components for household products covers made in China from our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are equipped with advanced equipment and technology. Please be free to get the customized products from us.
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